Asset optimisation

Both renewable and flexible assets are key to the energy transition. We provide asset owners with market access and optimisation services that derive maximum value across a variety of revenue streams. Our proprietary digital platform integrates any asset type with any available market or value pool.

Battery optimisation

Our digital platform remotely controls battery energy storage systems to maximise returns across a range of value pools. Dispatch control, state-of-charge and asset forecasting are integrated seamlessly with short-term power trading to create optimal outcomes. We can optimise batteries across ancillary services, wholesale markets and switching between value pools to co-optimise.

Flexible asset optimisation

As more renewables are added to the grid, the value of flexibility increases but varies from market to market. We optimise flexible assets across all potential value pools – providing market access for energy market arbitrage and facilitating ancillary and grid management services.

Renewable asset optimisation

Our digital platform and proprietary short-term trading desk have the ability to manage, optimise and provide offtake services for a variety of renewable assets - no matter what their characteristics and constraints.

Asset Optimisation UK

We provide both renewable and flexible asset operators with tailored route-to-market strategies that minimise risk and maximise returns.

Brook Green Innovations provides our asset optimisation services in the UK.

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