In a rapidly changing industry, businesses need access to quality data and the right digital tools to respond to both challenges and opportunities. We provide a technology platform that enables our clients to execute a sophisticated energy transition strategy, managing both costs and risks along the way.

Unlocking the power of data

Data is our biggest asset. We use data to support our clients in making faster, more accurate and informed decisions. Across all of our services, markets and solutions, we use data capture, analytics and machine learning to optimise strategies over time.

Strategy execution

Our technology platform has been developed in-house alongside a team of market, energy and environmental experts with decades of experience in the sector. Our hedging platform provides live data to allow for seamless strategy execution across all markets and commodities.

Asset optimisation

Our asset optimisation platform provides market access and algorithmic trading for a variety of asset types - whether standalone or at a portfolio level. Using machine learning and integrating asset data, it automatically dispatches in line with market pricing signals to achieve optimal outcomes.

Our digital risk management and trade capture system provides clients with live market data across energy, commodity and environmental.
  • Get direct prices for both exchange and over-the-counter products
  • Get live prices and quotes across all major commodities, currencies and indices
  • Get full visibility of market trends across the commodity complex

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